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25.9.2018 : 6:20

"How real ideas come about and how do they become reality."

From Leonardo daVinci, Carl F. Gauss and Albert Einstein to Max Born or Wernher von Braun: they all made great advances through creative thinking and daring new ways of doing things. Whether you're an artist or a scientist, new ideas, technological innovation and successful applications come from your own personal ability to envision them.

In the future we have to organize with the Educational & CultureInitiative an International Meeting in Germany to communicate ideas, technologies and knowledge with colleagues - similar to the last four International Conferences in Applied Mathematics, Constructive Approximation and Industrial Engineering (see Conferences). A program of our initiative is designed to promote education and research in scientific innovation, assist talented individuals, young interesting students and boost the region.   >> more (Textversion - pdf)


Textversion - pdf